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Networking is a team sport

I always say that networking with others in business is the very foundation for marketing your business. Sure, you can reach many these days on social media but what is missing from online sales, is trust.

Too many though are not networking efficiently. There are some activities that you can do to maximize your networking experience and grab more sales. After all, you aren't networking to find out what other's favorite color is or if they like country music.

I played basketball in high school. It's a team sport. No one can win alone against an opposing team. No one. There are plays. Offensive plays, defensive plays, that are all devised to help a TEAM win. Networking is the same way and here are a few helpful hints of how you can be successful.

1. Show up. I can give a "pass" to those who are swamped from leads and business but if you are still searching for leads, show up. The others in your networking group can refer you business and most importantly, they can buy from you. It doesn't happen if you don't show up.

2. Add your business to the networking group's website. Fill out that sucker! Put some good pictures on it. Put tracking links on it also so you can see how much traffic that you get from that networking group website to your own.

3. Like and share. Like the other business owner's Facebook pages. Share them.

4. Referals. When you refer business, you share it from the networking group's website. Take their link and share it. If you don't know how to do that, send me a text because you need to know it. Why share that profile? The one whom you sent the link to will go to the site and see the one you are referring and have a means to find them again. Even more importantly, that person knows a site, a directory that they can find other good people. The more traffic to the site, the more business many in your networking group can get.

5. Interact in that networking group's Facebook group. Provide valuable info to help educate them about your business. Though I like to practice "Give-Give-Ask." I will Give valuable info, Give a funny antidote then will go for the Ask (ask for business). I do this on almost all of the social media that I manage for clients. Not all in one day though. Time! If you do a Facebook live, people do not have time for rambling thoughts. Have a plan.

6. Some other house keeping rules. Don't start your own networking group or networking Facebook group and sharing that into the group without permission. It's tacky. Building that original networking group by the owners took invaluable time and money.

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